Headhunting is greatly misunderstood, particularly in our region; recruitment agencies have become “search and selection consultants” and terminology has further confused the picture. In truth the vast majority of companies who purport to be headhunters are little more than register driven job agencies. Headhunting is a means of identifying candidates independent of advertising and utilizing research to find highly specific skills.

Over last few years, our organization has grown to take the pretense out of search and we have made headhunting a cost effective tool in mid-management and technical positions as well as the traditional arena of the board room. Our search is meticulous to the extreme with every relevant organization examined and every possible candidate investigated. Luckily, our efforts do not just stop in Pakistan. If we are unable to find the source in Pakistan, then we move our search through our affiliate offices in India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Philippines.

We actively network and meet many candidates on a confidential and professional level promoting our clients as employers of choice while qualifying suitability and company fit. We attend seminars, conferences and exhibitions nationally, in addition to dinners or lunches consequently meeting many potential candidates on a regular basis, we also headhunt and advertise, establishing for ourselves a valued database of quality candidates seeking current and future careers moves.

Our systematic approach takes the following shape:

Definition: We quantify and qualify the skills needed for the job. We are able to give advice on availability and remuneration of potential candidates at this stage.

Research: Utilizing our in-house facilities, we investigate the market, the skill-set and the people who potentially are able to do the job.

Approach: After assuring ourselves that the targeted applicant has the skills and needed for the job, we approach the potential candidate in complete confidence.

Interview: For absolute confidence, we often use our panel of consultants to interview the candidates prior to any information being divulged. Having established that the candidate fits our client criteria, we present the opportunity to them in an accurate but exciting way.

Shortlist: A shortlist of the strongest candidates is presented to the client along with a brief from our staff/consultants and indicative salary and benefits.

Client Selection: We prefer for the final interviews to be held at our premises. We also offer our clients other interview options including but not limited to telephonic / video conference / out-city & out-country interview arrangements.

Negotiation: We are able to offer negotiation services whereby the client gives us a range to secure the candidate. With our relationship, local market knowledge and experience in negotiation, we are usually able to close the offer well within our client’s budget.

Securing the Candidate: It is of paramount importance for us to continually stay in touch with the candidate to avoid problems concerning notice period, contract and counter offer. Our commitment does not stop with the start of securing the candidate; we systematically check the progress of all appointments, ensuring recruitment objectives have been exceeded.

Amongst winners, there is no room for uncertainty. A focused, competitive workforce ethic shared amongst employees sustains company growth. Finding the individual who brings a perfect combination of talent and commitment to your team is a challenge. How do you get it right? You call us!