Aviation Sector

Critical and high expertise demanding industry:

One of the most critical and high expertise demanding industry, Airline or Aviation sector is witnessing a surge of increasing interest and awareness. With global liberalization and opening up of sector for private players, the industry has gained momentum. This has contributed to a significant rise in the employee base in the airline industry and the industry is in need of a growing number of employees. Increasingly, more and more airlines are beginning to recognize the real cost of poor selection of candidate. Clients are avoiding the mistakes of hiring the unsuitable candidate (which results in high staff turnover with the consequential costs - wasted time, money, disruption and absent resources) and are hence now consulting the pool of psychologists and selection specialists to assist them with sourcing of a key executive or to conduct large scale recruitment campaigns.

A look at some of the major job categories in airline industry:

  •  Cargo Manager and Handler
  •  Air Traffic Controller
  •  Air hostess
  •  Flight Operator
  •  Ground Operator
  •  HR Specialist
  •  JAR Audit Inspectors
  •  Maintenance Personnel
  •  Management personnel
  •  Psychologist
  •  Captains
  •  Training Captains
  •  First Officers
  •  Simulator Instructors
  •  Flight Engineers 
  •  Sheet metal workers
  •  Licensed engineers
  •  Fitters
  •  Mechanics
  •  Planners
  •  Electricians
  •  Painters
  •  Maintenance
  •  HR specialist

Outsourcing an element of an airline’s selection is fast becoming an economic reality for most airlines and our consultancy division is staffed by experienced aviation personnel who, with the support of experienced aviation psychologists, provide a comprehensive screening, recruitment and selection service.


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