How we work

Talent Recruitment And Consultants :

New Talent Recruitment And Consultants Agency is registered with Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment Government of Pakistan. Our team works in a professional way, keeping in mind the Project Management process as their baseline for any endeavor. All the activities and tasks are distributed and segregated in a fashion that after the completion of each ongoing activity the next process is started. Any outstanding or pending issue is resolved before moving to the next step, which combines and integrates all the activities in a managed manner and without any loopholes.

Recruitment And Selection Process:

New Talent Recruitment And Consultants Agency activities start by Work Assignment. Once the task is assigned, diligent teams starts working on the demand and share their views in the preliminary meeting to respond to the client. In the initial meeting we outlines the basic requirements that are required in the future. Once the requirements are documented, steps are taken for Job Advertisements. The required Ad is prepared and gets it approved by the client. After the approval of Job Advertisement, Our team  identify and Screen the candidates whose resumes and bio data has to be shared with the client after confirming the candidate’s availability, willingness and multiple other factors.

We provide all the information to the client for conducting test/interviews and facilitates both parties in conducting either onsite test or examination or through video conferencing. After the completion of successful interview the client makes necessary arrangements for Visa process. Candidates and New Talent Recruitment And Consultants  Agency work together for the medical examination. Once the reports are submitted, visas are confirmed, Delta International Recruiting Agency make final arrangements for ticketing and final arrangements for candidates to report to the employer.



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