Why Recruit Pakistanis

According to 2010 “Talent Shortage Survey":

According to 2010 “Talent Shortage Survey” on average, 31% of employers worldwide are unable to find native talent ideal for their vacancies. The problem, accordingly to the survey, is not the lack of talent but lack of suitable talent. This “Talent mismatch” issue has become a global concern, and has compelled organizations to outsource suitable talent from other countries. And when it becomes to the need for outsourcing skill workforce, by far Pakistan tops for list. For manpower outsourcing, Pakistan is the global favorite; for reason more than one. Abundance of skilled workforce in Pakistan: The size of skilled workforce in Pakistan is almost40 Million (2010) and in 2010, it will become to 90 Million. In fact, Pakistan has among the largest numbers of technical personnel, besides twice the number of university graduates in USA, UK; perhaps, due to the customary emphasis on high levels of education and qualification here. Competence: Recent reports indicate that Pakistanis professionals are the world’s most ambitious, and have a high rate of engagement of 80%. This is directly reflective of their competence because it hsows how capable they are of understanding the organizations goals and making major contributions towards them.

Mobility: A major factor that makes Pakistanis professionals among the most demanded and preferred for offshore and onshore employment, is their ability of relocate (even for shorter durations). In fact, the Global Mobility Index rating of 155 (2010) for Pakistanis, confirms that is the most mobile workforce of the world.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Perhaps, it the rich traditions, regional diversity, and high emphasis on education that make Pakistanis among the most versatile workforce in the world. One of the major contributors to its adaptability to foreign environmental is its familiarity with and fluency in English, the Universal languages. This is because English always either the medium of education, or a part of the syllabus in Pakistan.

Cost Saving:  A major chunk of expenses in all businesses is employee salaries. Outsourcing manpower from Pakistan is definitely an effective means of reducing costs. Even the most skilled Pakistanis manpower can be recruited at highly competitive salaries.

Sincerity and Dependability:  Pakistanis are among the most sincere, dependable and trustworthily professionals around the world. This may be due to the combination of their high level of education, strong cultural background and high aspirations.

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